Skye Cloud is extremely proud to announce the successful Cloud transition with our new client OBAC (Organisation for Blind African and Caribbean’s).

OBAC were founded in 1988 with the aim to relieve the needs of disabled African and Caribbean people, in particular the blind and partially-sighted, with the provision of an information and advice service. 21 years later they have grown in their offering and now provide a much-needed service to nearly 700 people a year.

This partnership has seen Skye Cloud develop a unique case study and deliver a full suite of adapted services to OBAC, including the provision of hosted servers, remote desktops, hosted Email and cloud based backup that accommodates Microsoft’s disability features, screen readers and zoom text software which is a great achievement and in keeping with our Disability Confidence certification.

We look forward to supporting OBAC with the great work they do and ensuring maximum efficiency for both their team and wider community.


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