Is Remote Working Now The Future For Your Company?

During this time of social isolation due to the Covid-19 epidemic many businesses have shifted to remote working; because of this there has been a lot of conversation about whether working from home will be a viable option for businesses moving forward after social isolation is over.

Remote working has many advantages and disadvantages, in this email we will be going over the pros and cons so that you can see if your business can still thrive with long term remote working. As cloud technology has vastly improved over the past few years remote working is now easier and more efficient than ever.

With technologies such as virtual desktops, virtual servers, and cloud storage your team will be able to get access to anything that they need to complete their work form the comfort of their own home.

The Pros Of Remote Working

– Flexible working hours
When your team are working from home, they will be able to make their working hours more flexible and balanced better with their life. Having an improved work life balance can lead to more life fulfilment and therefore more motivation.
– Lower Overhead Costs
If all your employees are working from home you could make substantial savings on facilities and travel.
– Improved Focus
When a home office is setup correctly this can lead to less interruptions/ distractions leading to better performance.
– Decreased chance of illness
When your employees are in the office it means that illness can be passed on very easily to other staff members causing them to become ill and take sick days. If your team are not getting ill this will lead to increased productivity.
– Access to a wider pool of talent
If your business functions using remote working it doesn’t matter where your employees are based as they do not have to travel, because you can hire from anywhere in the world it means that you can definitely hire the best person for the job.

The Cons Of Remote Working

– Not All jobs can be done from home
There are many roles that would be impossible to do from home.
– Not all people suit working from home
Working from home does not suit everyone, some people work better with the set schedule of 9-5 working in the office.
– Monitoring performance
Monitoring the performance of your employees can be much harder when they are all working in different places. Make sure to have regular catch ups with your team just like you would in the office.
– Employee morale
While we mentioned above that a more flexible work schedule could make your employees happier the home office can also make your employees feel isolated or bored leading to a lower quality output.
– Safety & Security
It can be much harder to manage your IT infrastructure leading to security threats. At Skye Cloud Our Virtual Desktop service can help your employees get all of the data that they need safely and securely.

What To Consider For Long Term Remote Working
If remote working seems like the right choice for you and your business here are some of the key considerations that you will need to make:

– Providing equipment for employees
You will need to make sure that all your employees have all that they need to do their work from home and supply anything that they need. The equipment could include A computer, monitors, peripherals, and a comfortable office chair.
– Tracking employee output and development
There will need to be an infrastructure in place to make sure that employee output is high, this could be done with regular catchups on conference call apps like Zoom. You will also need to make sure that your employees keep developing this can also be done in online meetings.
– Cyber security
When your employees are accessing work servers form home you need to make sure that the correct security protocols are in place to make sure that all company data is safe.

Skye Cloud Support For Long Term Remote Working

At Skye Cloud our virtual desktop and virtual server services can help your business tremendously in many remote working environments.

With Skye Cloud’s remote desktop services we offer a fully managed environment, encompassing new hardware and security solutions where necessary, allowing everyone in your business to access their work files and use any software they need from anywhere in the world.

With virtual servers your IT team will be able to have full control of your servers without having to physically be there this means that they will also be able to work from home.

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