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Enjoy the weekend your business data is in safe hands!

1 September 2017

GET THAT FRIDAY FEELING! Enjoy the weekend knowing your business data is in safe hands. Moving to a Cloud based solution is quick and easy with minimal intervention to your business. With Skye Cloud supporting your business IT needs you can relax knowing that your business is being monitored 24/7. To find out more click […]


Ransomware and the recent attack on the nhs: how to protect yourself from cyber attacks

15 May 2017

Skye Cloud as standard regularly backs up our systems, applies relevant windows updates, antivirus signature updates and we protect the perimeter by scanning email for viruses/Trojans etc. to prevent cyber attacks for our clients.


Kent vision live 2017

11 May 2017

What a fantastic event we had yesterday at Kent Vision Live. Great venue, great organisation and great sharing our insights with local businesses and learning new ones.


Your it partner at Kent vision live 2017

2 May 2017

Meet your Kent local Cloud Service Provider to gain information into the role of cloud computing as a strategic enabler and how to save costs. So whether you’re a start up or a multinational, our Cloud solutions are perfect for any size business.


The top five in-demand cloud skills for 2017

26 February 2017

The rapid expansion of the cloud has created a skills gap; there’s a lack of qualified cloud professionals. To support this growing demand, businesses require skilled cloud professionals. Take advantage of this opportunity and expand your cloud skill set; how many of these in-demand skills do you possess?



8 February 2017

What a fantastic event we had yesterday at TINtech. Great venue, great organisation and great sharing our insides in the insurance industry with colleagues and learning new once.


What the cloud can do to improve I.T.

4 January 2017

Cloud computing has come a long way in just a few years. Now, most businesses use some sort of cloud service, whether it be for a specific software application, infrastructure requirements, or more. The cloud certainly represents the way many companies are choosing to operate, but some have shown reluctance to adopt cloud solutions. Find out how Skye Cloud can help.


Five reasons to adopt hybrid cloud storage for your data center

4 January 2017

Are you weighing the benefits of cloud storage versus on-premises storage? If so, the right answer might be to use both–and not just in parallel, but in an integrated way. Hybrid cloud is a storage environment that uses a mix of on-premises and public cloud services with data mobility between the two platforms.


Grand opening

15 December 2016

What a successful office launch we had yesterday evening at One Under Lime, 1 Leadenhall Place, London – Team GB and Skye Cloud are looking forward to progressions and new adventures in EC3 in 2017


The next big thing

12 December 2016

How can you manage ever increasing data and securely access it find an overview on Big Data-As-A-Service and understand on how it is being put into practice in real life businesses and organizations around the world.

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