How Cloud Technology Is Helping SMBs To Succeed

In such a diverse and adapting environment small to medium businesses need to develop 1 key trait in order to keep up with demand and stay ahead of the competition, this trait is complete ‘agility’.

SMBs often see the quickest growth, which for businesses this size means they are more likely to outgrow their start-up infrastructure. Due to the urgency and demand this results in paying out for new servers and additional internal tech resource to ease the demand for a period of time. Sadly this happens all to often and greatly sets back the growth of the business due to the large investment required.

However more and more SMBs are starting to recognise that Cloud technology is the key to supporting their growing business with an infrastructure capable of complete agility without huge upfront costs. Cloud technology allows these businesses to promote remote working or help mobilise staff on the move, which is another huge cost saver to small to medium businesses who can reduce expensive office space for employees to work from, introduce hot-desking or implement BYOD.

SMB IT Services

Another great benefit of using the Cloud for SMBs is the added security, ensuring the latest security software is in place is often difficult to integrate and leaves many businesses vulnerable to system viruses and being hacked. Through Cloud technology the very latest security software can be implemented at a click of a button ensuring complete peace of mind.

The thought of the inconvenience and time it will take in changing technology or provider often stops businesses from taking the steps to move to the Cloud however this is a myth, as long as you select and experienced provider, that understands your business and will handhold you through the migration process, the move to Cloud technology has very little effect on your day-to-day business.

Skye Cloud offer a free review of your IT systems, we will then advise the best infrastructure for your business and advise any cost savings.

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