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Having the right Cloud provider and advisor when restructuring your business and going independent is essential to remain an established brand on the property advisory and investment market. Learn how Skye Cloud has been instrumental to Property Vision becoming independent and at the same time increasing their productivity.

  • Secure one stop personalised and client facing Cloud service
  • Understanding legal and IT policies in a business’s transition process guaranteeing continuous uptime
  • Freedom from restrictive IT policies to work in a completely mobile way
  • High end service supporting quality service delivered to high net worth individuals

The most fundamental decision that any property investor has to make is what property to buy, whether you are looking for a home, an investment, business or legacy. Buying property in London or in the country needs to be accompanied by a professional and methodical process of research and financial planning, which can involve talking to lenders, agents and other landlords to say the least. Property Vision advises buyers of prime residential properties and estates across the country and has provided their expertise for more than 30 years. Key here is the ability to empathise with their clients and interpret their individual needs, taking matters

From semi-detached to detached: independent cloud solutions following a management buyout

Skye Cloud were introduced to Property Vision through a referral by one of our clients based on our expertise in understanding the needs on efficient cloud and IT solutions for the property advisory and estate agent market. The challenge for Skye Cloud was that Property Vision was in the process of a management buyout from their parent company and needed a smooth transition with no downtime at all including all data applications and Email. Staying with the slow, existing IT structure was not an option and would have not guaranteed their freedom to work as they please.

Laying the foundation: understanding transition and client’s it needs

Property Vision wanted to break free from its parent and in doing so, did not want the hassle of buying or maintaining their own in-house systems. The client was looking for a fast, secure and efficient cloud service capable of integrating all their applications, functionalities, data and operations. In the process of the transition the client was limited by very strict IT protocols and governed by the legal structure of the parent company resulting in slow support and slow systems. Complying to strict change management policies that governed the existing platform the start of the project took several months of meetings and required the integration of third parties to deliver communication and telephony bringing a fibre line into the building itself to replace the existing system Connectivity.

Construction: building the cloud solution

After understanding Property Vision’s fundamental requirements, we looked at various users and their needs sizing a Citrix solution which runs across multiple desktop servers. Working along the existing platform and integrating 2 additional 3rd parties we could transition all functionality and prevent any downtime. With our dedicated Citrix deployment, the clients mail system was migrated away from Lotus Notes to our hosted Exchange platform, which was seamlessly integrated with our hosted Blackberry Enterprise server for continuous access to all data and functions when needed, on any device.

Sealing the roof: reaching the cloud

Understanding the property and financial advisory market helped us in designing a customised and secure, functional high-speed solution for their core business services. Key here was the mobilisation of a work force that could then operate anytime at any location and at the same time we had to guarantee the performance and availability of services to surpass the expectations of their longstanding high profile clients. Information provision and expert advice is essential in the financial investment market to guarantee the deals best suited to their clients’ needs. Furthermore, Property Vision stressed their satisfaction having Skye Cloud as a one stop support provider and strategic partner for new and upcoming improvements, that will be relevant for future business ventures. Property Vision has since renewed their contract for another 3 years built on trust and our personalised and client facing approach to customer service. We have provided Property Vision with the freedom of working independently and increase their productivity having the user and their customers’ interest at heart.

Property Vision


Client Testimonial:

Managing partner philip harvey

“Skye Cloud helped us to become independent and supported us on a complicated transition in the process. We did not experience any downtime and remained fully functional in our operations”

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