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The Swan

Creating an outstanding and relaxed dining experience for your clientele and at the same time managing your day to day operations involves the understanding of your business and premises. Read on how Skye Cloud has been cooking up a secure, functional and accessible IT solution as a one stop IT service provider.

  • Visitor access to the internet anytime, anywhere on your premises
  • Manage your supply chain, client data, staff and general operations securely
  • Front of House: Your website is up and running 24/7 

A La Carte: Understanding Your Service

Once the focal point of communities, pubs and restaurants today operate in a much more competitive marketplace. This means pub owners and landlords need to find ingenious ways of attracting customers, or risk sitting empty for long periods each day. Close relationships with customers are essential to running successful hospitality and restaurant services and The Swan is no stranger to this; building on a longstanding relationship with its established diners and at the same time attracting new clientele in the lively market town of West Malling. The restaurant and bar combines stylish design and bespoke furnishings, creating a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere that offers guests a relaxed dining experience in various seated areas. Keeping track of its customers, managing its suppliers, staff and other operations, internal data grew over time and as such, the owners wanted to stay ahead of its time adopting simplified, secure and reliable modern IT solutions. Skye Cloud needed to understand that a hospitality service is not only driven by IT demands of the client itself but even more so by diners’ expectations.

Chef’s Choice: Web, Venison, Wi-fi, Wine

When the restaurant contacted Skye Cloud, the aim was to initialise an all in one IT service solution moving away from various vendors involved and not having to worry about management issues and guest experience using modern technology on the premises.

1ST Course: The first task for Skye Cloud was to understand the business’ operational site, suggesting offsite storage of all data and applications. We delivered a windows file server with data accessible via site to site VPN including dial up VPN for remote access and implemented our standard and secure backup regime. All data and emails were transferred to Skye Clouds multitenant Exchange platform. The Swan now benefits from secure offsite storage with 24/7 accessibility and does not need to worry about any downtime. Following a successful transition Skye Cloud provided and installed other IT related services that became essential in the modern hospitality industry.

2ND Course: The client’s implementation of Wi-Fi. Pub and restaurant customers expect access to the internet anytime, anywhere and just as importantly – they don’t want to pay for it. Wi-Fi solutions on premises covering outdoor and indoor areas across different levels poses numerous logistical issues but the installation Skye Cloud made the process as simple as possible, taking ownership of the roll out and liaising directly with the client throughout the process. Before one single wire was unpacked we surveyed the site and talked with management on its demands and the best place for the equipment to be positioned, ensuring routers are out of the way but still cover the inter site.

3RD Course: As well as taking care of the restaurants Wi-Fi solution Skye Cloud hosts The Swan’s website on its secure server, guaranteeing no down time and full on functionality. Websites are the front of house of any modern hospitality business and often the first point of contact for visitors. Trusting Skye Cloud with this service’s functionality not only ensures a constant online presence, but as well allows The Swan to directly contact its valued customers with new menus, events and news. This long-term relationship between Skye Cloud and The Swan as the restaurants only point of contact for IT led to a further commission for 2017. Skye Cloud started to organise the same services in a new sister establishment, interconnecting both hospitality operations and providing the same guidance for the new business venture, built on experience, security and trust. With the help of Skye Cloud The Swan will continue being in charge of their operational, guest services and general management, offering imaginative dining and relaxed hospitality experience to its customers seven days a week.

The Swan

Client Testimonial

Nick Levantis Director:

“As a small independent but growing business Skye cloud understands our needs and gave us guidance throughout the whole process and we are using them once more for our soon to be opened new premises.”

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