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We are pleased to be introducing Skye Cloud a large company for all your technology needs – Why Should I Use Skye Cloud?


True cloud solutions can provide the best in the industry services as the list of benefits continues to grow…

Seamless Integration

This has to be one of the leading benefits when moving to cloud solutions with peace of mind of minimum disruption to your business.

Unlimited Scalability

With technology forever evolving using cloud solution for your business means that your business can be at the forefront of new technology with unlimited upgrades and scalability.

Open APIs

Giving businesses the flexibility to adapt solutions to fit their requirements as and when their business demands.

Secure, Accessible and Compliant

In today’s world this has become business critical in ensuring your business data and customer data is both secure & compliant to the latest requirements, with cloud hosting you can ensure you have the latest security software required.

Will I Be Able To Get Secure Data Protection?

Our UK Data storage facility means we provide the most secure Data protection.


What Is Virtual Desktop?

Our Virtual Desktop solution allows you to access your PC’s desktop from anywhere on any device, so you can get more done on-the-go.

  • Access all of your work from anywhere
  • Subscription model for software such as MS Office, Project and Visio based on usage
  • Continuous automated software updates
  • Standardised desktop environment gives you straight-forward support
  • Secure centralised data
  • Saves you money through reduced TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Direct helpdesk support.

Hosted Desktops Provider London

Hosted Desktops Provider London

Can Skye Cloud Help Me With The Problems I’m Having With The Microsoft Problems?

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange issues continues for users across Europe Many Microsoft users have been reporting problems connecting to Exchange Online, with an inability to connect as well as time lags.

Is It Time Skye Cloud Managed Your Accounts?

Our Exchange platform is built on Exchange 2016 which gives us parity with Office 365.
With our zero down time and 24/7 monitoring, we can confidently offer fully managed email accounts and unlimited storage all at affordable prices. Plus our ‘real’ helpdesk means you can speak to a UK based engineer on the phone when you need them.

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