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Web Hosting

If your company website goes offline because of a technical hosting fault, it can be disastrous for your business. If customers are unable to access your site even for a short while, you might lose sales, but more importantly it can damage your brand reputation.

Web hosting is a critical business service and it’s vital to get it right so that you can prevent any risk of website downtime.

At Skye Cloud you can trust us to make sure your site never goes down. We provide fully managed website hosting for any size business, on dedicated and shared servers.

  • Fully managed hosting solutions
  • Website online at all times
  • Website always accessible to customers
  • Keep your company’s reputation in-tact
  • Choice of dedicated or shared servers

Whether you’re a start up or an established business, we can support you with the very best Cloud services available. To find out how to cut costs and future proof your IT systems, call us for a chat on 0845 075 4910 or email [email protected].

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