Which cloud computing service does your company use the most

Cloud trends are key to Skye Cloud understanding their customer’s needs. The following article gives you an insight on recent trends why companies are increasing their cloud operations or switching to cloud services.

Attracting more cloud customers specialised cloud service providers are dealing directly with current trends and continuous rise in data. Skye Cloud closely monitors demands and the cloud market to directly respond to client’s and potential client’s needs.  Recent estimates by a Synergy survey reveal that quarterly revenues from cloud infrastructure services are approaching a hefty $6 billion.

With 47 percent of respondents citing business efficiency as the primary reason for shifting to cloud computing, 70 percent of those cloud adopters also said they use cloud infrastructure primarily for file storage.

Interestingly, security was second only to “increased efficiency” as a reason for shifting to cloud computing (45 percent). Security was cited as the “primary benefit” by 21 percent of respondents, the highest total for any perceived benefit in the cloud survey. That data point indicates that cloud computing may slowly be shedding its reputation for being fraught with security gaps.

While file storage remains the top use case for cloud users, that category also includes the storage of other data as well as applications. Application deployment was cited by about half of enterprise respondents as a cloud use case while slightly less than half listed application testing and development. Some respondents stressed that application deployment is a higher priority cloud-computing task than file storage, and the latter is, in the words of one respondent, “a byproduct of using the cloud.”

All this bodes well for wider cloud adoption in 2016, according to a Clutch forecast. The study found that a whopping 90 percent of businesses surveyed planned to increase cloud spending in 2016. Of those, 42 percent said they expect to increase annual spending by as much as 30 percent this year.

Cloud Challenges 2015 Vs 2016

External: Synergy / Clutch – survey pool 300 cloud users and non users cross industry

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