Changes to IT infrastructure can be a massive task and not many people relish change in day-to-day business, but making the move from a standard desktop setup to a fully hosted desktop solution isn’t as big a deal as you may think.

In fact there are many advantages to why you should consider making the move sooner rather than later…

Continue To Use Your Current Software & Applications

Moving away from a traditional IT setup doesn’t mean you have to change the software or applications you know and love. These will be installed on your system so they will be ready to use each and every time you login to the cloud.

Increased Uptime

Any problems with a standard desktop terminal or server means you’re likely to be facing hours of down time waiting for it to be fixed. However with a hosted desktop solution this can all be managed remotely, so any glitches can be fixed by our in-house specialist team.

Meet Data Protection Obligation

Using Skye Cloud’s hosted desktop you have better control and access to sensitive information, enforce a greater standard of security such as ensuring passwords meet a minimum security level and are regularly updated as well as managing who and from what devices data can be accessed.

Data Security

Most people think that keeping their business files and client data out of the cloud environment is better for data protection and security. This is a total myth! Cloud providers have a level of security that most businesses only dream of, with 24/7 manned security, state of the art entry systems and multiple firewalls. The great thing about the cloud is the that security updates and maintenance upgrades can be implemented as soon as they become available.

Hosted Desktops Work Just Like A Standard Desktop

Using a cloud hosted desktop is similar to using a standard desktop the only difference is when you switch on your computer you will need to login to the cloud. From here all your usual programs, files, emails, and internet browsers remain the same.

Hosted Desktops Work Just Like A Standard Desktop 2019

Dynamic Working Environment

With Skye Cloud hosted desktops there is no longer a restriction to stay in the office late or un-due worry when on holiday dealing with any urgent issues, with a hosted desktop you can simply login to your own personal desktop from wherever you are in the world so long as you have a secure internet connection.

Cost Efficient

The great thing about Cloud technology is that there is no need to purchase or maintain physical hardware with a huge upfront cost, it also allows you to cut costs of running in-house IT support. Skye Cloud are just a phone call away with instant connectivity to your system to resolve issues in a real time environment.

Multiple Devices

One of the things businesses love about moving to a hosted desktop solution is that they can connect to their working environment using any device. This opens up more opportunities for working on the go. This can of course result in big cost savings for a company over the years.

Competitive Edge

Most of your competitors will also be keeping up to date with technology trends and may have already made the change to hosted desktop. Ensure your business doesn’t get left behind the competition with any ageing technology set-up.

Business Flexibility

Our bespoke cloud solution offers your business total flexibility month on month so as you company grows you can add in new users and quickly remove ex-employees to adjust your service plan accordingly.

So forget the large annual capital outlay, Cloud desktops involve just one low monthly payment that can be adapted depending on the number of users needed at any one time.

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