The state of Europe’s homegrown cloud market

Europe’s cloud market is dominated by the same providers that serve the rest of the world: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Rackspace. Each of these global providers has a local presence in Europe. All have made efforts to satisfy European-specific concerns with respect to privacy and data protection.

However, a growing number of local companies are developing cloud computing offerings in the European market. Skye Cloud’s mission is to provide regional and direct client and specific industry support and service. Similar to various smaller service providers the key is to address the real need for change in the cloud, personalised client service, specified secure services and 24/7 uptime, supporting start ups, small businesses, medium size businesses and corporations on every need. We do understand our clients!

The recent economic development directly impacted IT budgets and have led to consolidation of IT infrastructure. Organisations have also had to deal with a rapidly growing mobile workforce that has critically augmented the importance of cloud computing technologies and solutions ‘mash-up’ application models, next generation on-premise systems, and large global solution marketplaces for ‘democratising’ IT access. Our approach is to go locally global with our clients.

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